The four performers sing a hoedown about an audience-provided subject, with each performing four-line stanzas (unrelated to each other). The same basic music is always used, and the stanzas typically follow the same AABB rhyme scheme with the fourth line as a punchline. The last line of the last stanza is repeated to end the song. As a musical game that involves all four performers (regardless of their singing skills), a running gag is the performers' legitimate hatred of the game (most notably Ryan Stiles), which they express by blatantly mocking the host, the Hoedown itself, and occasionally the other performers. When played, "Hoedown" (or its predecessors in the UK) are usually the last game before the closing credits (often the "prize" game in the US). It was first played (in an early form) in series 3 of the UK show. The game has three predecessors:

  • Gospel: The song style is gospel. Mostly played in series 3 and once in series 10. Unlike the other similar games, Gospel never tended to have a set rhythm.
  • March: The song style is a march. Occasionally the final performer performs an extra stanza (which also occurred in at least one early playing of Hoedown).
  • Rap: The four performers perform a rap about an audience-suggested subject. The rap could be of any length of the performers' choosing. Only played until series 3. This was the only musical game played on the radio version.